Teacher Training

I’ve been involved in teacher training for well over a decade, and have worked with various schools around the country with tailor-made training courses, TKT preparation and more.

Although I’m based in São Paulo, I’m available for courses anywhere in Brazil or abroad. From workshops and short presentations to longer courses, the courses offered will help your school and your teachers cater even more effectively for your students’ needs.

Tailor-made teacher training courses:

From a 60-minute presentation on using music and video in the classroom to 40-hour pre/in-service training courses on how to successfully teach grammar, vocabulary, phonology, listening, reading, writing, speaking and more, as well as classroom management, correction techniques and assessment, we can together decide what the best training program for your teachers is and then make it happen in your school, at the most convenient time for your teaching staff.

TKT preparation:

Prepare your team (or yourself individually) for the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test in  your school!

Using the most modern materials and past exams, this course guarantees your teachers will be ready to sit the TKT modules 1, 2 and 3 and obtain the highest possible marks (Band 4) in all of them! Courses are usually 51-hour long, but can be adapted to suit your teachers’ needs and availability.

Language improvement:

If what you’re looking for, however, is to help your teachers develop their language skills, preparation for Cambridge exams such as the CAE and CPE is just what you need! Alternatively, perhaps your teachers would prefer an advanced English program to help them brush up their language use, not necessarily aiming at sitting an exam in the end.

Whatever your teachers’ language needs are, we’ll meet them here!

Get in touch now and know how you can have these and more courses in your school in the near future!

*All these courses – and many others – can be offered online.


(11) 9.9997-0371 (Oi)


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