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As a result of my recent blog post on teacher burnout (and my personal quest to bring creativity, curiosity and fun back to my classes), quite a few selfless, generous teachers have sent me incredible activities and/or simple ideas on how to achieve all that. Here’s what my dear friend Layne sent me earlier this week, and below you’ll find a brief introduction written by Layne herself.

“What would you do first if you had only a few more months to live? Would you cherish your last days with your beloved ones or embark on a soul-searching adventure to make the most of life before it all ends? Or maybe both? What is out of question here is to succumb to desperation and pain. After all, life is much more than that; it is about kissing the most beautiful girl in the world, or skydiving or even getting that crazy tattoo you´ve never had the guts to admit you wanted so badly. Presenting our students with this beautiful movie is more than offering a different activity. It is giving them the opportunity to share their innermost wishes and impulses in life and, most certainly, have them appreciate the sheer wonder of being alive….After all, what is better than just talk about la joie de vivre?”

Layne Feijó, from Cordeiros – RJ (layne_feijo@hotmail.com)

And here’s her activity, complete with teacher’s notes:

The Bucket List Activity – by Layne Feijo

Thanks for that, dearest!


One thought on “Special contribution

    yukitheninjacat said:
    May 1, 2012 at 10:27 am

    Thanks a lot for sharing this material, such an interesting lesson plan, will use it!

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